Tuesday, July 11, 2017

78: FastPass+ Bonanza Revisited

Some park ticket offers & analysis of the updated state of the FastPass+ system based on reports and our own experiences during recent trips to Walt Disney World.

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  1. Hi guys- I really enjoy your podcasts, but take exception to the promotion of "cheating" with the fastpass loopholes you talk so frequently about.
    Before explaining how to cheat the system, please consider the honest, hardworking family that saves for years to afford a Disney vacation. Because some people are unfairly acquiring more than their share of fastpasses, others, who follow the rules have fewer to choose from and must wait in longer lines. While I most often appreciate your tips, please refrain from promoting cheating - especially when it hurts others!

  2. Thanks for listening. I understand your view on maximizing fastpasses. As you can appreciate, we aren't interested in moralizing on how Disney has set up their system, we just want to understand it and get the most out of it. Furthermore, whatever we know, certainly many other locals, cast members, and hardcore parks fans also know. We aren't keeping it to ourselves, we are telling everyone who cares to listen. By listening, your once-in-a-lifetime visitor family is put on equal footing with the seasoned veterans and locals. Regardless of how one chooses to frame the issue of acquiring additional fastpasses, understanding the intricacies of the system is what interests and challenges us. If we started censoring ourselves to omit useful information it wouldn't feel authentic and I doubt we'd have much interest in continuing. - Ryan

  3. If I'm understanding this correctly, would it be theoretically possible (granted, a giant pain) to purchase a single "burner" one day park-hopper ticket that you use to link to a phantom account which you then use to secure and distribute FPs to other, non-ticketed phantom accounts?

    If the audit isn't removing FPs from non-ticketed accounts it would seem to me that, absent having friends with Annual Passes, a single day park-hopper would be all that was necessary to get and park "n" number of additional FPs.