Tuesday, July 4, 2017

77: You Asked For It

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Enjoy your podcast! After hearing you briefly discuss discount tickets to AP bridging in this episode, I thought I'd throw this info out there in case you find it useful:

    Over on The Touring Plans, I saw people discussing the various scenarios for bridging, where to get tickets, how much it should cost them etc. Also, that Guest Services seems to have no set procedure or calculation to bridge everyone the same.

    So, for fun I doctored up a spreadsheet I used myself when looking for the best deal buying tickets for our trip.

    The outcome was my "Disney Tickets Find Max Discount" spreadsheet on Google Sheets. Because I know many people are not spreadsheet aficianados, I tried to keep it simple for folks: on the first sheet in the file, you simply need to enter the number of Adult and Child tickets you wish to buy.

    It will then automagically spit out a few useful pieces of info: The reseller that has the cheapest tix by type and number of days, and which tickets overall offer the largest discount over The Disney gate ticket prices.

    It tells the user which tickets to buy for that largest discount, how much they'll cost, and which discounter to get them from.

    Perhaps the most useful thing is for potential AP Upgrade Bridging peoples: it will also tell you how much the AP Upgrade should cost you at Guest Services.

    (BTW, all of these calculations use the ginormous table at the bottom of the sheet that contains the current ticket prices from the 4 most often used discounters.)

    There are also 2 other sheets in the file: an "AP Bridge Info for Printing" which is a simple sheet that uses the best discount found on the first sheet, and is intended for people to print to have in hand for reference at GS. The third sheet is similar to the 2nd one, but allows people who already purchased tickets to manually enter what tickets they purchased and the cost manually, and it spits out the same cheat sheet.

    Last thing: at these 2 printable sheets also allow people, at no extra cost, to select whether they already purchased Memory Maker, and it will factor that credit into the expected AP upgrade cost.

    You can see a quick capture of the first sheet here:

    You can play around with the sheet itself here: https://goo.gl/SQNpXR


  2. Howdy again,

    A quick follow up to my previous comment:

    While tweaking my spreadsheet (no jokes!) I realized something you might also find interesting:

    I added a calculation to the printable cheat sheet that tells you what percentage you saved by bridging discounted tickets vs. the normal price of an AP . After I did that, I realized that the discounters currently have slightly better savings for adult tickets.

    Because both adult & child APs cost the same amount, if you *knew* you were going to upgrade to APs by bridging you could save an *additional* $47 by purchasing 4 Adult discounted tickets to bridge, as opposed to using 2 Adult & 2 Child tickets.

    I explain this example with pretty pretty pictures over on the TP forums: