Tuesday, February 7, 2017

56: Topic Stew

Getting free flights faster, trip recap feedback, and a steaming bowl of Topic Stew (ingredients: trip talk, parking/resort fee speculation, new Magic Kingdom VIP tour, and the lengths to which we would go to jam).  Thanks for listening!

"Purple Martins of Epcot" by Jim Korkis: https://goo.gl/5QcxKM

WDWMagic Forum thread regarding parking/resort fees: https://goo.gl/cTIMb5

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  1. One thing on Southwest Rapid Rewards that I did not know, is the 110,000 points for free companian pass has to be acquired in 1 year period. I was able to hit the 2 minimums in Oct and had 106,00 points. then stopped and waited to January to hit 110,000. I was told free companion has to hit in one years time. My thinking was I would get an extra year of companion pass if I did this. I turned out it didnt work that way. In any case hope this helps someone else. Thank You for all the podcasts have helped so much. We have a April 29 - March 7 trip planned and happen to have a 8:00 appointment for BOG and was excited to hear your podcast on that. Thanks.

  2. Jim. The requirement for all points to be earned in the same calendar year was known. Sorry it wasn't clear to you. If you go back and listen to ep 4 again I'm pretty sure we were explicit on that. Again sorry that the message didn't get through.

    1. Your thought on wanting it to start early in the year is a good one. That's why we advocate starting the process at the start of the year. (Or start in mid December so the points credit in January).