Tuesday, January 15, 2019

157: Topic Stew

Magical Express infotainment, Dining credit pooling, and Topic Stew (Ingredients: DVC rule changes, free dining, agency exclusive examination, credit cards, crowd predictions, race availability, and dollar swaps). Thanks for listening!

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1 comment:

  1. Regarding the sharing of Dining Credits:
    Might it be possible that Disney is assigning revenue to a particular restaurant based on the Dining Credits redeemed there? Thinking as the restaurant GM, if I serve a table four adult meals and the guest pays with four credits from their Dining Plan... but within the Disney database that particular guest has the Dining Plan for one adult and three children... then perhaps the revenue added to my books by Disney equals one adult and three kids, whereas my expenditures show four adult meals. Over time that will add up and make the restaurant appear to be less profitable.

    My big assumption here is that internally, Disney is allocating revenue based on # of adults & kids in the expected party... while externally they are allowing the guest to just redeem credits from one big pool.