Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Episode 14: Disney Vacation Club Value Basics

More dessert partying, Civics For Dummies By Dummies, and an examination of how Disney Vacation Club ownership can work well from a value perspective.  Thanks for listening!

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  1. Hi guys, enjoying the show. I'm another subscriber, having found you through MMoM. I am a proud DVC owner at Bay Lake, and I have something to add to the discussion.

    When I bought into DVC, I not only considered the price of accommodations for now and the future (as Ryan had pointed out), but I also included the savings associated with having a full kitchen in the 1-3 bedroom villas, and even the addition of a microwave and kitchenette in the studios. This savings for a family of 4 can grow exponentially, even if all you eat is breakfast as my wife and I do.

    For example, if my wife and I were to go out to a normal breakfast, the cost associated for a standard breakfast sandwich, fruit, and drink could easily exceed $10.00 per person. Making that at our villa could cost as little as $5.00 for 2 people. Grow that into a larger family, as we hope to expand soon, and your savings can really add up. Not to mention other meals. Obviously, I don't mean to discount breakfast ADRs prior to park opening or character dining (as we always do at least 1 per trip) but my type of touring always starts early, and stopping for breakfast can quickly slow things down.

    Kevin Maes
    Livermore, CA