Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Episode 13: Disney Gift Card Savings 102

DVC changes, bovine challenges, and digging deeper into maximizing discounts on Disney gift cards by taking advantage of resellers and click-through sites. Thanks for listening!


NY Times article on Disney executive shake-up

Gift Card Resellers

Click-thru sites
Sunshine Rewards

With resellers and click-thrus, be aware of the all fine print.  Their percentages back and lifetime caps can change at any time!  It is best practice to not keep resold gift cards for too long, especially not past the guarantee offered by the selling site (previous owners are likely to still have the card info).  Get them when you are ready to use them.

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  1. You guys are heroes.
    fwiw, I just received a SW Premier Business Card offer with a 60,000 mile bonus. Is it possible to get the Rapid Rewards bonuses for both a Premier Business and the regular Premier card? You have previously mentioned something about having to wait 2 years before applying for the same card; would these two be considered the same or different cards?

  2. Those are different cards. You can do Premiere personal and Premiere Business. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for another great episode. Question for you let's say that I purchase gift cards from Walgreens or Safeway or any other store except Target, do you know if those stores have any issues with using the actual gift cards to purchase disney gift cards?

    1. This is a dicey approach. The only stores I have heard of high success rates using their own GC's to buy other GC's are Best Buy and GameStop. I don't have any info on Walgreens or Safeway from your example. Even in the BB & GS cases, it can vary store-to-store (or even manager to manager). If you do decide to give it a shot somewhere, be sure test with a very small value card first, and be prepared for different employee answers depending on who you work with. Hope that answered your question. J

  4. There's some chatter on Disney forums and chat rooms that the Target online loophole is no more. It appears you may no longer be able to use discounted Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards and still get your 5% Redcard discount.

    By the way, love your show!

    1. Meagan - thanks for listening, and for the comment!

      Unfortunately, the current concern over the death of the stackable 5% discount using RedCard seems to be the real deal. We plan to talk about it on next week's show.

      The good news is that it's still pretty easy to save 10+ percent using what we've laid out so far, and the even better news is that we have plan to discuss some alternative (albeit more complex) gift card strategies save way more money. Thanks again!

    2. I spoke too soon -- this morning it's back! What a ride this is. Still waiting on Dis cards coming back in stock, though...

  5. Just made my first purchase from CardCash at 6% off. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!

    1. I just bought some RedCard discounted Disney cards on Target.com about an hour ago myself using discounted Target cards -- worked like a charm. Good luck, and thanks for listening! ^J