Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rolling Back My Disney Experience App on iOS

How to roll back your iOS version of the My Disney Experience App
to 4.10.1 (which has change party function for fastpasses as
discussed in Episode 136 of Backside of Magic Podcast).

1. Obtain a copy of iTunes on your computer that is earlier than 12.5.
     a. https://www.lifewire.com/download-every-version-itunes-2000446
     b. You’ll need to remove whatever copy of iTunes is currently running on your
     c. Once you install the older version of iTunes, you’ll need to go to \Users\[current
         userid]\Music\iTunes and copy the iTunes Library file to somewhere for later
        use. Delete this file from the directory where you found it.
     d. Start iTunes.

2. Follow the directions laid out at this URL.
     a. https://medium.com/@iosight/how-to-legally-download-any-previous-version-of-an-app-store-app-through-itunes-9b45559b8357
     b. The software Version External Identifier for MDE version 4.10.1 is “826052048”
     c. Note that when apps are being downloaded by iTunes, it sometimes took a long
         time for the download to start.

3. In directory \Users\[current user] \Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications you
should see an entry for “Disney World 4.10.1.ipa”

4. Download and install iTools (likely 4.0).

5. Attach whatever iOS device you want to install the app onto to the computer. It should
show up in iTools.
     a. Delete any existing version of MDE from the iOS device.
     b. Use iTools to install Disney World 4.10.1.ipa to the device.

6. Once the app is in place, you can re-install the current version of iTunes on your
computer. You’ll also want to put back the iTunes Library file to where you found it to
restore your iTunes.

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