Tuesday, May 22, 2018

123: Summertime!

Gift cards, lounging, parking, and we look ahead to our upcoming summer Disney vacations.

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  1. In light of your show yesterday where you talked about your vacation plans and how you're doing the Deluxe DP I'm wondering if the following scenario would work. I have a ressie at POP through MVT that currently has room and tickets. It will be myself, my friend, and our 2 daughters, each will be 12 on that trip. My friend homeschools and received an email from a homeschooling group that's going to Disney during the same dates and we can get discounted tickets through that group which includes: 5 day PH's, Rafiki's Planet Watch Education Program, and Illumination's Dessert Party all for $355/person. If we cancel the tickets on our MVT deal(keep the room) and change our party to 1 adult and 2 children, and purchase the DxDP, would that work even though our girls our Disney adults and not children? I guess we'd have to create phantom children and not use their actual names. Do you see problems with this? My friend has an AP so she should be able to purchase the DDP for us since we'd no longer have tickets attached to our room.

  2. This should say "change party to 1 adult and 3 kids" not 2. How would this affect EMH and MDE profiles etc.. I'm not concerned about DME.

  3. In regards to the GM Employee tickets - do you know if these would work for bridging to AP or other tickets? Would we get credit for the Gate price when we go to upgrade our tickets, or just the discounted employee price?