Tuesday, September 26, 2017

89: You Asked For It

Outdoor queueing, FastPass supply, and we respond to listener-provided sentences that end with question marks. Thanks for the questions and thanks for listening!

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  1. Re: direct DVC benefits being tied to the individual contract, they are. You'd lose the blue card if you sell the direct contract. The new cards now have expiration dates, so you could use it until then.

  2. I'm a bit behind in my listening, but on the poofing of FPPs on nonticketed MDE accounts. We just returned from Disney (Epcot 35th) and experienced disappearing FPPs when employing change party on ticketed (AP) MDE accounts on which we had parked extra FPPs. It appeared to happen when someone in the FPP party used CPFP on their own account to transfer a FPP to themselves. Anyone who was not an MDE friend of this guest, but who was in the original party, was poofed. No one in any of these parties was nonticketed. Our lesson was only the person who made the original party's FPP, and was therefore MDE friends with everyone in the party, should attempt to use CPFP. As an aside, we found that if we staggered the times, of the FPP's, as you mention in your report, this was a non-issue.