Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our Current Favorite Methods For Buying Discounted Disney Gift Cards

Super Easy 
1) Purchase at BJs or Sam's Club using an existing membership
SAVINGS: $40/$47 per $1000 of Disney GC acquired (4.0% or 4.7%, respectively)

1) Obtain a Target REDCard, then use it to purchase in a Target store
SAVINGS: $50.00 per $1000 of Disney GC acquired (5.0%)

Not Too Difficult 
1) Click Ebates to Raise.com (1% cash back)
2) Obtain Wal-Mart Gift Cards at discount through online gift card resellers
- Save 4% (achievable year-round pretty easily with a keen eye)
- Get 1% back from credit card used for purchase
3) Save 4.7% on the Disney Gift Cards purchased at Sam's Club
4) Enter Gift Cards into a Disney Vacation Account
- Save 2.0% on all pre-purchased aspects of Disney vacation paid via DVA.
TOTAL SAVINGS: $123.22 per $1000 of Disney GC acquired (12.3%)

Please check out Episode 41 for more details.

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