Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Using Target REDcard Online

In Episode 5, we read an email from Justin that included the following question:

I’m looking at the “Not Too Difficult” option and, if I understand correctly, you use Target Gift Cards (purchased at a discount) to purchase Disney gift cards on Target.com after getting to Target.com through a click-through site.  My question is – do you still get the 5% Target red discount even though you are not technically using the Target red card to purchase the Disney Gift cards?

As we stated in the show, the answer is is YES, you do still get the discount even though you aren't using the REDcard to make the purchase.

1) After creating a Target.com account, adding a REDcard to your profile as the default method of payment, and putting a Disney gift card in your basket, you arrive at the standard checkout page:

(select "proceed to checkout" red button)

2) When you arrive at the next screen (below), note that the payment method has automatically been made to the default REDcard.  Do *not* click "complete order,"  instead, select "Pay with a Target GiftCard" in blue font on the bottom right area of the page.

3)  After cliking "Pay with a Target GiftCard," you can apply Target GiftCards that have previously been saved in your account or choose to enter new GiftCards.

After applying Target GiftCards as payment, the REDCard area is now greyed out as no additional payment is necessary but the 5% off is still shown in the price breakdown. Click on "save & continue."

4) Click "complete order" to purchase Disney GiftCard at 5% off. (boom)

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